Promo Furore programma Rai2 con Alessandro Greco, Gigi & Ross.

Tv promos always have terrifying timing to be done, this was made in a day and one week of pre production.
I always loved Pop Colors and those artists may refer to that world like Alex Prager so I had the opportunity to turn a tv promo into something colourful and here it is.

Director: Daniel Marini
Art Director: Daniel Marini
D.O.P: Marcello Merletto
Ass. Director: Jurij Razza
Set Design: Miriam Fisher
Editor: Marco Bonini
Colorist: Fabio Colombo
Choreography: Roberto Carrozzino

Production: Alto Verbano
Executive producer: Francesca Pozzeto
Producer: Silvia Notarangelo
Production Manager: Marinella Chiodo
Unit production manager: Biagio Rubini
Producer Rai: Francesco Baggetta
Executive Producer Rai: Simona Franceschetti
Post-Production Iggy Post
Post Producer: Giulia Pavoni