The Dark Night (TRAILER)

The Dark Night, A Black Hearted Love

a Short Film by Daniel Marini

A journey to the dark side of the Moebius Strip.
A tribute to the visionary director David Lynch.

Here the link to the ShortFilm:

Giulia Perelli (Woman)
Ernesto D’Argenio (Man)
Renato Ansaldi (Security)
Karl Zinny ( Concierge)

Director: Daniel Marini
Screenplay: Daniel Marini
Director of Photography: Pietro De Filippi
Costume Designer: Valentina Fabiani
Costume : Jil Sander
Make Up: Simona Giacomazzo
Editor: Angelo Paoletti
Sound Recordist: Luca Discenza
Producer: Daniel Marini, Pietro De Filippi, Angelo Paoletti
Executive Producer: Daniel Marini
Casting: Vanina Marini
Original Music: Michele Biasutti (except for “Propaganda” composed and performed by Carver
Courtesy by Eclectic Circus
Sound Design: Uberto Di Iacovo

Locations Shooting : Rome, Milan and Los Angeles

The Dark Night was produced entirely by Spikefilm with no support of any institute or public fund.